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27 Feb

Engadget HD Podcast 361 - 08.06.13

No more trilogies, folks. Ben wasn't positive at first, but Richard's convinced him it's about quadriliogies now -- at least in the world of Avatar. If only Time Warner Cable and CBS could compromise on the important issues as easily as our hosts do. Episode 361 of the Engadget HD...

Engadget August 07 13

Engadget’s Moto X Review

Joseph Volpe: The Moto X exudes no tech halo like the Galaxy S 4 or the HTC One because it is the sum of averages. Here’s how I see it: You know those people who own iPhones, but don’t know which model number they own and also refer to all Android phones as Droids? T...

Daring Fireball August 05 13

Google Reader Alternative Feedly Sells Out Of Newly Launched Pro Accounts, More Arriving This Fall

Barely a day after Google Reader replacement Feedly began offering a paid version of its service, the company has sold out of the limited number of premium accounts it was making available. Feedly co-founders Edwin Khodabakchian and Cyril Moutran, say they had introduced 5,000 ...

TechCrunch August 05 13

Engadget's laptop buyer's guide: summer 2013 edition

At last: the laptop buyer's guide we wanted to write three months ago. You see, when it came time to publish our spring edition, Intel was on the cusp of releasing its fourth-generation Core processors, which meant almost everything we were recommending was destined for a refresh....

Engadget August 05 13

Microsoft applies for glasses-based AR multiplayer gaming patent

Seemingly unwilling to be outdone by Google Glass, Microsoft has applied for a patent for glasses-based AR technology that may be implemented into future game development, Engadget reports. The application describes sending verbal invitations for multiplayer games via a "head...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 03 13

Report: Penalties possible for drivers wearing Google Glass in US and UK [w/poll]

Filed under: Government/Legal, Safety, Technology, UK The key feature of Google Glass is that it basically puts an Android smartphone on users' heads, allowing them hands-free operation of many smartphone features, including web browsing, phone calls, texting and navigation. A sm...

Autoblog August 01 13

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