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23 Nov

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“Cross Your Fingers And Pray”: How Does The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Prepare For The Reunion?

When it comes to preparing for the utter chaos known as the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, most of the cast of the VH1 series just sit back and let nature take her course. “Honestly, there is no preparation for this s—,” Mimi explains. “Might I wanna ...

Vh1 Blog August 01 13

Kerry and 'Friends of Syria' to meet in Doha

The meeting will address arming Syrian rebels and a stalled peace effort. Lots of supporters of rebels will be there, but key backers of Syria's government, like Russia, won't. ...

Once-Exotic Carbon Fiber Inches Toward the Mainstream

Time has long been carbon fiber’s enemy. The time a preimpregnated sheet of woven carbon fiber can spend at room temperature before it starts to set up; the time it takes to lay up a structure of this “pre-preg” in a mold; the time it then spends in an autoclave at 220-350 degrees F and [...] ...

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