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02 Mar

Oculus hires Doom and Quake creator John Carmack as CTO

Oculus just dropped a bombshell on every single gamer enthusiast in the world. Game developer legend John Carmack will be joining the team behind the Oculus Rift as the company’s chief technology officer. We’ve known that Carmack has shown interest in the new VR headset in the past, but the move ...

0 Comments SlashGear August 07 13

Dishonored GOTY rated in Australia

Dishonored is conjuring up a "game of the year" edition, according the Australian Classification Board. Gleaned by Gamespot, it doesn't take mystical powers bestowed by The Outsider to divine the bundle will likely include the core game, along with downloadable content Du...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 07 13

Professor Layton x Ace Attorney announced for west, due in 2014

Nintendo announced Professor Layton x Ace Attorney will make its way to the west in 2014. Today's Nintendo Direct confirmed the 3DS game, released in Japan last year, hits North America next year. Nintendo of Europe went one better in its broadcast, dating it "early 2014."...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 07 13

Wind Waker HD coming October 4 in Europe

While we were totally aware the Wii U port of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD was arriving in October, Nintendo dated it for October 4 in Europe in today's Direct broadcast. However, Nintendo of America didn't provide a date in its presentation, so the game remains in its Octob...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 07 13

Watch today's Wii U, 3DS Nintendo Direct right here [update: it's all over!]

Update: And it's so over. Check out all the news here. It's that time again. Stretch those legs, place some fruit sustenance nearby, and make sure your body is ready for another Nintendo Direct workout. One thing you don't have to move is that cursor, because you can watch today...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 07 13

Pokemon Rumble U shakes a trailer, rattles off new features

Pokemon Rumble U hurls itself at North America on August 29, landing on the eShop with a $18 price tag. The Poke-brawler uses NFC tech to 'scan' figurines into the game, where up-to-four players can rough it up in 100-monster skirmishes. There are 18 figurines, available at GameSt...

Xbox 360 Fanboy August 07 13