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04 Mar

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How to: Protect people from tornadoes

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a story I'd written on the socio-cultural systems that underly natural disasters — how the way we think, and build, and think about buildings affects who dies and who doesn't. If you'd like to dig into that a bit deeper, Andy Revkin recent...

Boing Boing August 02 13

Syfy's New Post-Apocalyptic 'Wizard Of Oz' Miniseries Sounds Amazing

Just when you think Syfy can’t possibly top themselves — I mean, for the love of God, the tornadoes had sharks in them — they go and give Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" a penis, arm her to the teeth, and send her to the future to overthrow a wizard tyran...

digg July 24 13

Tornado Tourism: Thrill-Seeking Trend On Rise

A series of deadly US tornadoes have not dampened people's appetite for storm chasing - with Britons especially keen to sign up. ...

Sky News July 14 13

'Sharknado' Sequel on the Way?

Sharknado, the SyFy network’s latest film which aired last night (July 11), may be already signed for a sequel after social media exploded during and after its original airing. According to Deadline, network officials want to sign on for a sequel and are anxiously awa...

Just Jared July 12 13

Photos Of The Enormous Clouds That Produce Tornados

Here are some great pictures of supercells in Central America, which are capable of producing tornadoes and large hailstones. ...

digg July 11 13

Sharknado, what else needs to be said!

Next Thursday at 9p, Syfy is airing a movie called Sharknado and what more besides the title of it do I have to tell you to make you watch it. Let’s see it about some super tornadoes that suck up a lot of sharks from the Pacific Ocean and drops them down on LA where they caus...

Seriousl...MG! WTF? July 02 13

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